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Spend anytime in an airport, and there are a few things you’re almost guaranteed to see:

  • A newsstand
  • A coffee shop
  • A Sbarro (probably)

In the Madison, WI airport, you’re sure to see something different- a short story dispenser.

A what?

In 2019. Madison, WI. (MSN) became the first airport in the nation to install a short story dispenser. …



Delta Air Lines is paying a one-time $1250 bonus to its employees in recognition of the hardships they’ve faced throughout the pandemic.

The payout will occur on February 14th, the day the carrier traditionally issues profit-sharing checks. With the pandemic battering airline finances, those checks haven’t been distributed in nearly…



Riding the surge of demand for air cargo capacity, Atlas Air announced an order for 4 additional 777 freighters.

The order will bring the total in the fleet to 18. That’s in addition to it’s 747 & 767 widebody freighters. Some of these will be leased to other carriers through its Titan Aviation subsidiary.

The carrier also operates a fleet of 8 narrowbody 737’s, all of which fly under…

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