Liz Cheney's Latest Tweet Shows Us How Far Gone the G.O.P. is.

Nice words paper over an ugly reality

With one Tweet, Wyoming Senator Liz Cheney shows us all that is wrong with today’s Republican party.

To be clear, there is nothing inherently wrong with Cheney’s words- a little civility in Washington would go a long way — rather it’s that she even had to type them at all.

Common decency and mutual respect should be the floor, not aspirational goals. Yet today the GOP finds itself infested with people who embrace obstructionism and turn cruelty into sport. These are the people who tend to wear their lack of knowledge as a badge of honor (take a bow, Representetative Boebert).

The GOP has been so thoroughly co-opted by the radical fringe that something as simple as saying “be nice” is regarded as a watershed moment. Seriously, take a look through the comments on her tweet. People are relieved and amazed someone would dare try to be a voice of concord.

What policies does she disagree with?

The media would like to frame President Biden’s first 100 days as a radical lurch toward socialism. The reality is that he’s finally addressing things our nation desperately needs to reckon with.

So, again, what exactly is Cheney fighting against?

  • Is it the 240 million COVID vaccine shots that have been given so far?
  • Is it Biden’s once-in-a-generation infrastructure reform bill?
  • Maybe Cheney (and the GOP) are against statehood for DC, which would mean over 750000 Americans finally being represented in congress? That’s more people than both Wyoming and Vermont, by the way.

All of the above enjoy massive bipartisan support. So, again, what exactly does the GOP disagree with?

Who is she responding to?

Photo: Twitter

Was Cheney seeing pushback for daring to acknowledge the sitting US President? For daring to (gasp) greet him with a fist bump? Was this a response to the fringe wing of her party that usually busy themselves with made-up conspiracies? The same crowd that makes things up to rile themselves up about? Note: I can assure you, no one is going to stop you from eating meat.

Or was this a signal to the last vestiges of sanity in her party? The so-called Eisenhower Republicans. Those that are fiscally conservative, and socially liberal. The people that prefer lower taxes, but absolutely do not care what you do in the privacy of your own home. Was this a call to them that all is not lost? Maybe.

But again, this demonstrates how far off the mark the Right has gone. Being agreeable should be a feature, not a bug.

Cheney’s right; we’re all Americans. But too many in her party have gone all-in on the idea that we’re at war with one another. Tribalism sells. If the GOP has any hope of redeeming its credibility, it would be wise to spend less time on things like voter suppression and creating conflict out of whole cloth, and more time bringing its own reasonable proposals to the table. After all, it’s what their constituents want.

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