New Day at Amazon as Bezos Officially Steps Down

Transition comes with the company at a crossroads

Kevin Alexander
1 min readJul 6, 2021
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos
Photo: Business Insider

After 27 years, Jeff Bezos has stepped down from his role at Amazon.

The world’s richest man is leaving at a time when the company has seen stratospheric growth, but is also dogged by monopoly concerns from the government, and pressure from warehouse workers who say they are subject to dangerous working conditions.

Day-to-Day duties will be handled by longtime right hand man, Andy Jassy.

Bloomberg News editor Brad Stone:

“Jassy takes over at a critical time,” Stone told NPR. “He’s inheriting not just the tremendous success but all the baggage that comes with it.”

Stone added that having Jassy at the helm may be aimed at changing perceptions of Amazon, a company that has become an inescapable part of daily life but one the author says elicits mixed feelings.

“I think Jassy has to kind of make Amazon a more empathetic company, a friendlier company,” Stone said. “He has to find Amazon’s heart.”

Bezos will still cast a long shadow at the company; he remains the company's largest shareholder, and will be the company’s Executive Chairman.



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